Stainless steel castor SWIVEL 100mm (D)


Max load



  • Small packages and odd sizes
    • Mesh frame for support and strength
    • Perfect for odd size boxes
    • Lipped edges
    • Easy cleaning
  • Flexible box size
    • Suitable for tapered boxes
    • More flexible stacking
    • One dolly for 3 types of boxes
    • Perfect for stackable boxes
  • For 600x400mm boxes
    • Fits EURO-norm boxes
    • Light-medium duty loads
    • Lipped edges
    • Open corners for better cleaning
  • Extra strong & Freezer safe
    • Extra strenght, extra durability
    • Suited for long stays in freezers
    • Alternative to stainless steel
    • Approved for food industry
  • Comes in all sizes
    • Can be sized for any job
    • Aluminium sides
    • For cold stores and freezers (-30°C)
    • Super light weight

Finding the right Mini moove


Which MINI MOOVE® should I choose for my business?

Which of the MINI MOOVE® dollies, you should choose depends on the transport/handling task. Below you will find several different MINI MOOVE versions and hopefully there is one to suit your needs.

Stackable Mini Moove
Our history

Mini Moove is made by Termonova - A Danish company with more than 40 years of experience

Termonova is a Danish company which for more than 40 years has supplied most of Europe, as well as selected other countries, with 600×400 dollies for internal transport, handling and storage. Until the mid 1990’s, Termonova had Europe’s largest program of wheels for all purposes, but since then we have decided to focus mainly on ready-to-use transport and handling dollies and skates.

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Termonova A/S
Kellerisvej 92
DK-3490 Kvistgaard

Tlf.: +45 7022 3111
Fax: +45 7022 3166


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