MINI MOOVE® is the perfect choice for internal transportation in the meat industry

For the challenging conditions in the meat industry, we recommend you look to the part of the Mini Moove range with the highest capacity and compliance with food safety regulation. To avoid any risk of contamination, however small it may be, we recommend the Mini Moove’s food approved XTRA and STANDARD. As load tend to be heavy in the meat industry (above 200 kg) we always suggest hard plastic wheels, 100mm. For those particular rough surfaces, consider choosing PA-wheels.

There are many benefits from choosing MINI MOOVE®

MINI MOOVE® is the perfect choice for internal transportation in the meat industry.

MINI MOOVE® offer longer durability than other similar products

All MINI MOOVE® products are manufactured for long lasting performance. Construction, design and production assure quality in all components and processes. This means that Termonova’s wheeled dollies will offer longer durability than other similar products, and that we only use components and raw material of the highest quality. When buying an original MINI MOOVE® we deliver on our promises.

Do you often or even just sometimes need to store the dollies in cold storage/freezers – do not worry! We even have the perfect fit for that. Look to Mini Moove XTRA for a reliable solution, also as an alternative to steel dollies. As all Mini Mooves XTRA is gentle on surroundings, easy rolling and reliable – and offers 350 kg capacity. The Rolls Royce of dollies.

Thermobox for fish UNIFLEX

MINI MOOVE® products we recommend

For 600x400mm boxes. Suitable for -30°C and easy to clean

If you are looking to take the products to freezers and cold storage, we can recommend the Mini Moove® XTRA with a little bit extra of everything: capacity, resistance to low temperatures (down to -30°C) and chemical resistance.

Lightweight and smooth rolling of up to 350 kg
Lightweight and stable with 250 kg capacity. Available In 5 colors

Mini Moove® STANDARD with strong non corrosive plastic castors is our best selling 605x405mm dolly for industrial use. It is easy to clean in a crate washing machine and several large catering companies base their entire internal and external transportation on the MINI MOOVE® dolly due to its very high durability. Moreover it is approved for very high loads, because the unique location of the wheels add to its stability. Available in 5 different colors which is ideal if the food production requires color coding for different hygiene zones/areas.

For 600x400mm boxes with open corners for easy cleaning
Moulded in mesh for easy transport of all types of boxes and crates
Low weight and high carrying capacity. Available in 2 colors
Mini Moove® GITTER is very useful for internal transportation in meat production facilities. With a maximum load of 275kg it is suitable for most jobs. Choose PA wheels for extra wear and durability.

MINI MOOVE® in other industries

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