On a roll for more than 40 years

Setting the standard in the food industry

MINI MOOVE® is made by Termonova, and we’re a family-owned company located in Denmark with distributors, agents and wholesalers in most European countries. Since 1976, we’ve been developing and producing high-quality industrial dollies for transport, handling and storage.


For the past 20 years we’ve been focusing on providing industrial dollies for the food industry. It’s a business with many restrictions and requirements as far as materials and quality are concerned – and this suits us well. Because we refuse to deliver anything but perfection.



Quality you can trust

We never compromise, and we insist on producing our dollies in Denmark, so that we can follow the entire process closely. As a Danish company, we focus on simple and functional design, and our products are characterised by a consistently high quality. It’s the only way we can guarantee that every trolley we make is built to last.

But we’re not just dolly manufacturers; we’re dolly connoisseurs. From our office north of Copenhagen, we’re continuously improving and developing our products in close collaboration with our customers. This way, we can deliver exactly what they need and continue to set the standard in the industrial dolly business.

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Termonova A/S
Kellerisvej 92
DK-3490 Kvistgaard

Tlf.: +45 7022 3111
Fax: +45 7022 3166


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