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If you have a need, we have a MINI MOOVE®

Our industrial dollies for the food industry are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and materials. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions, or if you have specific needs regarding materials or sizes. We will do what it takes to deliver the perfect MINI MOOVE® for your business.




  • Small packages and odd sizes
    • Mesh frame for support and strength
    • Perfect for odd size boxes
    • Lipped edges
    • Easy cleaning
  • For 600x400mm boxes
    • Fits EURO-norm boxes
    • Light-medium duty loads
    • Lipped edges
    • Open corners for easier cleaning
  • Comes in all sizes
    • Can be sized for any job
    • Aluminium sides
    • For cold stores and freezers (-30°C)
    • Super light weight

Get rolling within a week

We know that you’re busy. So, we will do our very best to deliver your MINI MOOVE® industrial dollies as quickly as possible and usually within a week. We deliver to most countries in Europe.


Quality that comes with a guarantee


All our industrial dollies are built to last, and we test them thoroughly before they leave the factory. That is why we offer a two-year guarantee on all MINI MOOVE® products *.

Now you know it. But don’t expect it to become relevant.

What does ´made for the food industry’ mean?

For products to be approved for the food industry there must be no migration of unsafe levels of chemical substances from the material to the food.  We continually test our products to secure that migration levels do not exceed EU regulations. It also means that for dollies that are approved for the food industry, we only use screws, bolts and nuts made of stainless steel.

The smooth surfaces of our products mean that dirt is not easily attached to the dollies, while the open corners ensure drainage of condensation or cleansing residue. This makes MINI MOOVE® the most cleaning-friendly dollies on the market. Because we know how important this is to our customers.

You can read more about Commission Regulation No 10/2011 here.


If you have a need, we have a MINI MOOVE®

The perfect MINI MOOVE® dolly depends on your transport or handling tasks and the environment you’re working in. Find your business and see the MINI MOOVE® dollies we recommend for the various tasks you’re likely to encounter.

Stackable Mini Moove
Our history

Mini Moove is made by Termonova - A Danish company with more than 40 years of experience

Termonova is a Danish company which for more than 40 years has supplied most of Europe, as well as selected other countries, with 600×400 dollies for internal transport, handling and storage. Until the mid 1990’s, Termonova had Europe’s largest program of wheels for all purposes, but since then we have decided to focus mainly on ready-to-use transport and handling dollies and skates.

* Assuming that our products are used correctly and not in any way modified or used for purposes outside of industrial storage, handling and transportation

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Tlf.: +45 7022 3111
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